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A restyled home can inspire a fresh start!

Ready to sell?

Maximize your home sale! Staging is not a cost, but an investment with proven returns. According to stats from the Real Estate Staging Association, properties staged before listing sell 85% faster than their unstaged counterparts. Less time on the market = fewer price reductions + less stress.

Staying put?

Appreciate your home more, whether you’ve just moved in or you’ve been settled for a while. We work with your treasures and help to select new pieces; consult on colour; maximize focal points and flow; and curate your collections.

Savvy Sellers!

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Our Clients Say

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Absolutely Thrilled!

Thank you for help you gave to my client at —.  They were absolutely thrilled by the results and realized that what I had been saying was so important to aid in the sale of their home. The house looked spectacular and everything was in the appropriate spot or arranged in a way to enhance the look of the particular room … As a result, the home sold in two days!

Joanne T. Dec 13, 2015