Meet Fresh Moves

Fresh Moves turns five in January 2016. Our Realtors tell us that we’ve helped them take their business to the next level. Our homeowners tell us that we’ve helped them to see their home and collections in a whole new light. We tell ourselves that we are catalysts for your transformation, whatever you perceive that to be.

We delight in offering a range of services to meet all budgets and circumstances. From popping in for a “Power Hour” with owners of a small condo, to full showcasing of multi-million-dollar vacant properties – we pride ourselves on being flexible, skilled, and responsive. Our services have extended into home redesign, move-in decorating, coordinating renovation selections, and holiday decorating.

Meet Jessica Hagel

Jessica is the owner and principal. Fresh Moves has been a dream coming true for her since its launch. Like many dreams, it has been liberating, surreal, demanding, enriching, and enlivening. In 2013, Jessica was honoured as a RESA® Top Ten Rising Star Home Stager of the Year in North America.

From the latest in lighting options and colour trends to small space design and the downsizing movement, Jess helps to distill many ideas to tailor your experience. Home design is her passion as well as her work, and she is always learning. Jess balances her inner dreamer with a practical hands-on style, driven by the idea that small changes in trajectory lead to radically different outcomes. She loves to creatively reuse and reinvent whenever possible.

Jess appreciates great design from any era – loves art in all its forms – and has been known to try out some fresh moves of her own on the dance floor.

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