Do you remember how you felt when you saw your home for the first time? Was it love at first sight?

The first time I laid eyes on the place I now call home, I loved its reclaimed brick arches and cedar shakes. There was much to love. But the roofline was just, well, weird. Still is.

Inside, the previous owners had done a beautiful job renewing much of the house. But a few of their decorating choices didn’t quite click. Like the large main bath that had been painted a very dark burgundy. Not exactly a day at the spa … more like a day at the burlesque show. Don’t get me wrong, I think burlesque can be fantastic! Just not in my bathroom.

Black and Red Corset - 2006

Design inspiration?

Our homes grow on us over time, as we truly make them our own. For a long time I’ve loved the fresh sky blue I painted over those burgundy bathroom walls. I’ve gotten many compliments on it. But even that sky blue is losing its charm, five years later. Unlike the real sky, my blue walls are changeless. When familiarity leads to dulled senses – it’s time to bring back the love.

For me, that recently meant a bright shade of peacock blue on the front door and a major overhaul of my home office.

What will it be for you?

If it’s been awhile since you stepped inside the front door and let out a sigh of content – if you understand the value of a professional looking at your home through fresh eyes  – it’s time to consider a Redesign.

Redesign means having a Staging Professional evaluate your home and its possibilities, and then stage it for living. With your stuff. According to your tastes. It’s the affordable alternative to hiring an interior designer.

Not only is Redesign an ideal way to give your home a new lease on life without emptying your wallet – it’s also a chance to make some great ‘eco’ choices and upcycle your beloved belongings. Think bamboo bath linens that don’t offgas – reupholstering a quality piece that you’ve inherited – the world of difference in a can of no-VOC paint.

Lack of storage, too much clutter, that paint colour that’s getting tired, those little maintenance projects left to linger, the furniture that never really fit … To be sure, on the scale of global issues, these are minor inconveniences.

But it’s also true that our homes are the daily sensual experiences of our lives. We want to love them. We want them to reflect our ideals of “refuge” … “comfort” … “sanctuary”.

Your relationship with your home will benefit from a shot of fresh energy. It’s just like seeing your sweetie done up for a night on the town!

Seeing your home and your collections at their finest can help you to fall in love all over again.

Day 298: It Is Love

Redesign is a superb way to highlight the best of your home and the finest, fab-est elements of your collections. Let your home surprise you with its possibilities!

Fall in love all over again. Contact Jessica at Fresh Moves today.